Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I've made the jump to OpenSim!

For those of you who knew me from Second Life, I love building green spaces and most of them have been named Ptarmigan Park.  Ptarmigan Park has a new home, but it's not in Second Life!  Yep.... I finally made the jump off of Linden Labs sinking ship and landed on what I believe is the future of 3D worlds.

Ptarmigan Park is now located on it's own region in the Nova grid.  I encourage you all to visit this grid.  It's maintained by a great guy named Enrico and he is offering some insane deals.  Right now you can get an entire region for $9.95 US per month.  Oh... and the best part... you get up to 80,000 prims!  No that was not a typo!  That was an 8 followed by 4 zeros!!  I honestly don't think the sim will support that many prims, but it is cool not having to count prims any more and I would have a hard time reaching that number anyway.

So check out the Nova website at and download the Nova Imprudence viewer.  Just enter a user name and password when you start up Nova Imprudence and you are automatically entered as a user.  Once you are there, please do a search for Ptarmigan Park!