Saturday, December 24, 2011

Where do I get stuff for OpenSim?

Where do I get stuff for OpenSim?... This is a question that I get asked a lot by by friends who are still stuck in Second Life counting prims and living on postage stamp size parcels.

So.... I decided to compile a list of some of my favorite places where you get get just about anything you need for your OpenSim experience for FREE.

Favorite Websites:
First, I would like to suggest that you use the Imprudence viewer.  It is the viewer used by most people when exporting and importing items and I have found that it works the best for just about everything in OpenSim.

This is the first website that I found when searching for things that I needed and couldn't make myself.  They have just about everything from Skins and Clothes to Furniture, Buildings, and all sorts of cool stuff.  These items are made by various creators from around the Metaverse and donated for free.
This is another website that has just about everything you could possibly need in OpenSim.  Everything is made by Linda Kellie and is offered for free without any sort of license restriction at all.  She even offers oar files of the regions she has built complete with stores and inventory already set up.

Another is a blog on the Google Sites
This is probably the best thing that I have found on internet for OpenSim because they offer a skin that can be edited in Photo Shop or Gimp to come up with our own unique look.  I am using the Starlight skin that can be found on the resources page of this site.  You will find detailed directions on how to edit your skin here.  There is more information on the Enlades blog on how to import your skins.

If you want to learn how to create things in OpenSim, this is a great place to start. They have great articles on many subjects that can help you create your own items in OpenSim.

OSgrid Regions
As you know, I've moved Ptarmigan Park to the OSgrid and it's been a very good move for me.  There are numerous places to obtain all sorts of items and meet some great people.  Here are a few of the incredible places that I've found in my short time on OSgrid.

Wright Plaza Freebie Mall, Wright Plaza (48,220,22)
This is where I first landed when coming to OSgrid and the first thing I found was a great freebie mall with many different items.  I liked it so much that I set up my own store there at Made by Hylee Store, Wright Plaza (160,21,21)

Littlefield Mall and Community Center, Littlefield (127,128,22)
Note:  This is an adults only community and some of the areas are not suitable for children.
The Littlefield Mall has a lot of items from numerous creators and everything is free!

PSSMG Mall, PSSMG Mall (129,129,23
This is a German region so be prepared to find some items with non-english descriptions such as scaffolds which are actually high heeled shoes (who knew!)  This is laid out like a small German village and is very nice to visit.

Cornflakes (134,131,22)
This is more than just a freebie sim.  It's a feast for the eyes and the senses.  Cornflake Woodcock os one of the most talented and unique builders in the entire metaverse.  If you want a smile on your face, you need to check this region out!

Ptarmigan Park (180,112,34)
And, of course, the Ptarmigan Park Freebie mall which is home to the "Made by Hylee" store.

Have fun Shopping!