Thursday, July 10, 2014

A better way to get your daily Cornflakes fix!

As many of you know, I put up a museum showcasing some of the cool things that Cornflakes Woodcock had made before he passed away last year.

I have since learned that Wordfromthe Wise actually had an oar of the entire Cornflakes region set up with more items then I have and in the original scale (which is huge!)

I believe that the best way to experience what Cornflakes created is to see it on the original region, so I took down my museum and left a landmark giver in it's place.

You can find landmarks for the Cornflakes region at the following locations:
    The site of my Cornflakes museum.
    Outside my General Store on Ptarmigan Park.
    Outside my Made by Hylee store on Wright Plaza.
    Outside my exhibit on OSG7BE.

So please go check out Cornflakes regions.
I'm not sure how long Wordfromthe Wise plans on keeping the region up.

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