Saturday, October 25, 2014

Honey! I'm Home!

I have my 4 regions from OSgrid set up at ZetaWorlds and a single region set up on the Metropolis Grid. My latest .oar from OSgrid was corrupted so I had to load one that was a little older. I lost a little inventory, but not much. 

The only thing that I've done with the Metropolis Grid region is set up a Hypergate to take people directly to Ptarmigan Park on Zetaworlds. There is also a gate on Ptarmigan Park Zetaworlds aimed back at Ptarmigan Park on the Metropolis Grid. 

I should have the majority of Ptarmigan Park on Metropolis done tommorow. 

Here's the address for the two Ptarmigan Park regions:
   Metropolis: Park
   ZetaWorlds: Park

So stop on by for a visit!  :)

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