Saturday, October 18, 2014

I'm moving my Ptarmigan Park regions to Zetaworlds

Zetamex Virtual Service Network

Why Zetaworlds?

The grid is fairly new and owned by Zetamex, who is my hosting provider.  I have been impressed with Zetamex's dedication to improving their customer service and support.   Their support system in the past has been a little challenging at times because of a lot of factors outside of their control such as hacking attacks to their servers, OSgrid crashing, and Metropolis performance issues.  I think a lot of their problems come from growth pains in the company and a cumbersome help ticket structure.  But, I am seeing consistent improvement coupled with an tenacious effort to make their customers happy.

To be honest, I would have preferred to locate my regions on the Metropolis grid but after having just one region there for a very short period of time it was clear that the grid would not be able to support what I would like to do.  There servers were over taxed and the download and upload performance between the United States and Europe was horrible.

What am I going to do when OSgrid comes back online?  I'm not sure yet.  Traffic is important to me. I'm a builder and I like to share my creations with other people. I won't be happy just building and have nobody visiting my regions. I am seriously thinking about maintaining my primary regions on Zetaworlds and setting up satellite regions on OSgrid and Metropolis with Hypergates between the three.  If I can't maintain a good flow of traffic I may put my primary regions back on OSgrid and have satellites on Zetaworld and Metropolis.

But for now, Ptarmigan Park will only be on Zetaworlds.  I'll let everyone know when it's up and running.

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