Tuesday, October 21, 2014

More rumors flying because of the lack of official up to date information from OSgrid

Yesterday, I heard the same thing from a couple of different people who are more connected to the "Powers that Be" at OSgrid then I am.  I was told that OSgrid is NOT going to recover from the crash of two months ago.  If it does come back at all, everything will need to be recreated from individual .oar files and anyone who doesn't have an .iar file will lose all of their OSgrid inventory. 
 I have heard this same rumor from other people, in other forms with various ominous outcomes and I believe these rumors are getting fueled by the lack of official up to date information from the good folks who are running (or ran) OSGrid.

Here's my opinion....
Rumors left to run rampant, gain power and credibility, and will often contribute to the end result.
A lot of OSgrid residents have already moved to other grids.  Most had the idea that this was just going to be a temporary move, but as these rumors are flying I am hearing from more people that they kind of like their new grid and will probably stay.  I originally had the idea that I would move my regions to another grid and then move back to OSGrid when it came back online but leave a smaller satellite region on the new grid.  Now, I am thinking that I may be better off doing the opposite.

My decisions, just like everyone else's right now are based on rumors and lack of credible information from OSGrid.  If the good folks at OSgrid truly want to bring OSgrid back to where it was before the crash ..... they really need to start communicating "the plan" to their residents.

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