Friday, October 10, 2014

OSgrid is Dead?! What?!

No.... I have not heard that OSgrid is dead.  But, at the same time, I have not heard that it is in the process of coming back either.  I am hearing that OSgrid needs money to fix this mess and make the Grid better, but quite honestly I'm a little concerned about giving any more of my money to OSGrid because of their incredibly poor job at communicating what the status is.  I don't want to see OSGrid die, but I certainly don't want to throw my money at a doomed enterprise.

Listen folks..... I understand that this is a not for profit run by volunteers and I appreciate that this is a tough job.  I really do get that.  But... I also understand that this is also a business that relies on it's customer base for support.  It's time for the good folks running OSgrid to learn from other non-profits how to handle their customer base and their revenue stream.  It's time for the leaders at OSgrid to learn how to make their customers feel vested in the process.

In "Real Life"  I deal with customers every day and I have learned over the years that the quickest way to get your customer base to move to the competition is to stop communicating with them.  The quickest way for your customer to get the wrong idea about what is going on is to tell your customer nothing at all, because your customers will fill in the blanks themselves with what they believe to be true which is often not correct.

Telling your customer the awful truth is always better than staying silent.

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