Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Good News Regarding OSgrid?

In my search for OSgrid information, I ran across a blog post on "Journey To The Center Of The Metaverse" entitled "OSgrid Nearing Return?" which listed a post from Avia Bonne, who posted a question on Google+, who received an answer from Key Gruin, who posted a conversation from Hiro (LeTwitch) from IRC having a conversation with Steve Franklin.


Below is from

OSgrid Nearing Return?

In Virtual Issues on November 3, 2014 at 9:21 pm
Avia Bonne, a noted builder/creator and OSgrid resident, has mentioned more than once in the past few days in posts on Google+ that she has heard that the grid may be coming back online in the next couple of weeks. On Monday she posted a question about this on the OSgrid community on g+. The post received a reply from Key Gruin, an OSgrid admin and a moderator of the Osgrid community on g+. His reply follows:
Wish it could be more “official” than this, but here’s what Hiro (leTwitch)  had to say on IRC #osgrid  this morning US Central time:
“08:23 < steve_franklin> Hi Everyone!
08:23 < steve_franklin> Is OSG going to stay dead?
08:24 < steve_franklin> been dead a long time now!
08:26 < steve_franklin> I still have 2 servers keeping water sims going just in case but it just seems to be more and more a futile effort as I see no light at the end of the tunnel
08:27 < steve_franklin> my feeling is just get an asset server going and get it back up and we will go from there
08:57 < leTwitch> Thanks for the input steve_franklin, we’re holding out for the rest of the week, if something really positive doesn’t happen before then, we’ll probably just move forward with a blank asset server
08:58 < leTwitch> about your other question, OSg’s hardware is in a bit of a pickle atm, but the community is alive and well, and we’ll not be tolerating the state of affairs with the hardware much longer ;)
09:09 < steve_franklin> That is a good thing as I was getting worried- I really don’t want to loose OSG as it has been ny place for many years”

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