Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lara's Leaf: Lara's Reservations about the Sun Setting on OSGri...

Lara's Leaf: Lara's Reservations about the Sun Setting on OSGri...: Lara knows that OSGrid has now lost most of its followers. Over the years there have been several separate attempts by various factions ...

OSgrid Recovery is complete!

Before everyone breaks out in to their respective happy dances, you might want to read on......

This from http://news.osgrid.org/author/allenkerenskyosg/
December 15, 2014
Recovery is complete.
Recovery service cannot guarantee OSG can use the data once restored to asset server due to various conversions required to recover data this far.
OSgrid cannot verify restored data can be used for asset service due to conversions required for recovery.
Pending: payment to recovery service – receipt of recovered disk – copy to temporary grid asset server – test restart temp asset server – validate temp asset server validation – plan next steps based on validation result
Asset Server 1: Hardware active – RAID configured – OS installed – Database installed
Pending: replication – Install and configure ROBUST asset service
Asset Server 2: Hardware active – RAID configured – OS installed
Pending: Database install – Replication – Install and configure ROBUST asset service
There is no ETA for public re-open.
Test restarts for asset server qualification are planned within the month.
Due to this crash, everyone agrees changes are necessary to infrastructure and operations.
The restarted OSgrid will include changes to asset servers and plazas to accommodate the needed changes and improve redundancy and reliability.
More news on restructuring changes as these item-by-item discussions reach decisions.
Next Update expected: 12-21 or 12-22.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I am not donating any more money to OSgrid until I see some progress.

Progress can be something as simple as a plan with a measurable timetable and regular progress reports.

I will keep the link to the OSgrid donation page here a little longer in the hopes that there is actually a future for the grid.  But, until I see a workable plan, with a realistic timetable, and some regular progress reports, I can't justify spending any more of my money.

The Ghost of OSgrid Future?!

It's hard to stay optimistic given the lack of news.

Sunday, December 7, 2014