Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I am not donating any more money to OSgrid until I see some progress.

Progress can be something as simple as a plan with a measurable timetable and regular progress reports.

I will keep the link to the OSgrid donation page here a little longer in the hopes that there is actually a future for the grid.  But, until I see a workable plan, with a realistic timetable, and some regular progress reports, I can't justify spending any more of my money.


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  2. Hi Hylee. Lara is very disturbed right now. Here is what she is thinking:

    "OSGrid has now lost most of its followers. Over the years there have been several separate attempts by various people in OSGrid to get others away from the grid. There have been several reasons for this. Some of these have been to do with people wanting the grid to be exclusive to them and their like and they created an atmosphere uncomfortable to others that made people move away from the grid. As a result, many have just moved to other grids.

    I'm skeptical of the current disaster given the capricious nature of past history when strong driving forces tried to change the character of OSGrid to a less than 'open' environment. I hope that in this instance I am wrong."