Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cornflakes has invaded Ptarmigan Park in Metropolis!

The Wacky World of Cornflakes Woodcock!
Even though Cornflakes is no longer with us, he will always be a significant part of the Metaverse because of the legacy that he left behind.  Cornflakes was my friend for several years and I miss his wit and humor.  So please make a trip to Ptarmigan Park to see what mischief Cornflakes is creating!  While you are there, grab a landmark to a re-creation of Cornflakes Freebie Sim that is being maintained by the one and only Wordfromthe Wise!


  1. Comfwakes was my fwend toosums. He wos olways nices to mesums & gif me lots fings to keep, he did he did. Am sad he went. Gud dat he bein membad widdol his creashuns. Dey kyewl, dey ar dey ar.