Monday, March 16, 2015

What operating system is best?

I get this question every once in a while and it is a tough one.  The answers that I have received from others and the reasons behind them are as varied as the people themselves.
First off, let me tell you that I am not a computer expert by any stretch of the imagination so I will not be giving you a technically qualified opinion.  I use computers quite a bit at work and in my hobbies, but I still rely heavily on "the experts" when the proverbial hits the fan.  So, what I am offering today is based on personal preference which I think in the long run is what works best for everyone based on what their needs are.

I started using computers in the early 80's.  My first computer that I used for work was running DOS 1 and my home computer, which was little more than a toy was actually running basic.  In 1987, we decided that we needed a "real" computer for home and at that time most PC's were running DOS 5 which we found a little cumbersome, so we checked out a Mac SE which was running (I think) OS 6.  We "test drove" a few different computers and eventually decided on the Mac because of it's ease of use.  I continued using Windows machines at work and we continued using Mac products at home, So I'm pretty familiar with the evolution of both at least from an end user's perspective.

I currently have a Dell machine running Windows 7 at work and a 27" iMac running the latest OSX at home.  Both machines have similar hardware specs except that the iMac is running a 3TB Fusion Drive (part SSD and part HDD).  Both machines are about the same age and have quad core i7 processors, 16GB of Ram, and 4GB of Video Ram.  Both machines have 3 monitors.  (yeah... I'm a bit of a geek)  I have not had a lot of experience with Linux beyond what I have installed on my Mac and a Netbook I used to own, so I can't really comment on it aside from saying that people I know who use it seem to love it!

Of the two machines I work on..... I prefer the Mac.... and now starts the personal preference part of this article.

My Mac boots in seconds.
I usually boot my Windows machine from home before I leave for work in the morning so it will be ready for me when I get there.

I do a fair amount of music, graphics and video editing.  I prefer editing on a Mac because the software that is available for the Mac is generally superior to what I have tried on Windows and when I have two programs that are the same, such as Gimp, I find that it runs better on the Mac.

I run Symantec anti virus on both machines despite the fact that most Mac users don't even bother with anti virus.  My anti virus on my Mac uses a fraction of the resources that my Windows machine does.  My Mac has never (knocking on wood) been plagued with a virus or any kind of malware except for the occasional website that refuses to let go.  I get something on my Windows machine a couple times a month that require me to spend time fixing it.

My iPhone and iPad work seamlessly with my Airport Extreme Wifi router and iCloud and is very easy to set up and use.
Setting up my windows machine to do similar tasks, even with my android tablet is often painful.

I have used most of the viewers out there for OpenSim and SecondLife.  I have found that most of them work better on my Mac.  I tend to get a higher frame rate and I can generally run at higher video settings on my Mac than on my Windows machine.

There are times, at home, when I do need Windows for some programs that are not available on the Mac and for that I run a program called Parallels.  Parallels allows me to run multiple operating systems in a window on my Mac.  I currently have Windows 7, Windows XP, Linux, OS Chrome, and Android installed on my Mac!
I tried to run a Mac emulator on my Windows machine.  Ouch!  I later removed it.  I get better performance connecting to my Mac with my iPad via "LogMeIn"!
Here's something I found interesting.  I have found that Windows 7 works better on an emulator on my Mac than it does on my Dell!  What?!  I have no idea why!

I am convinced that there is a way to get better functionality out of my Windows machine because I know people who have done it!  I am guessing that the reason that I can't seem to get Windows to work for me the way I want and need is because I'm just not smart enough!

I will be sticking with my Mac :)

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