Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What?! You don't host your own regions?!

My passion in OpenSim is building and content creation.  I've tried hosting my own regions and quickly discovered that I don't enjoy the IT end of this little adventure.  And I am not very good at it!

Zetamex is not my first hosting company since I moved to OpenSim from SecondLife, but they are the best so far.  I chose Zetamex because of a recommendation from Maria Korolov at Hypergrid Business.  I have stayed with them because customer service is important to them and they have gone out of their way to resolve any problems I might have in a timely manner.

I understand OpenSim hosting companies have a very tough job.  They often do not have any control over the Grid.  The OpenSim software is still considered beta and is in a constant state of flux.  They have no control over the viewers.  And I tend to tax regions to their limit and beyond!

Zetamex does a very good job hosting my 4 regions on OSgrid and my 1 region on Metropolis and worth every penny I pay them!

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